www.gewalt-ist-nie-ok.de: Violence is never okay!

Information for Children and Teenagers who are witnesses or victims of domestic violence

What is happening at home? (Was ist zu Hause los?)

Domestic violence is violence that takes place at home among people who are in a close emotional relationship. It makes no difference whether they are married or not or whether they share housing or live separately.

Take a look at how other children experience domestic violence. You can read about and watch videos on children who suffer from domestic violence and you can learn what consequences they have to bear.

You can use our test on family situations to check whether or not domestic violence occurs in your family.  And you can find out how good you are in judging situations by joining our quiz on violent behaviour.

What can I do? (Was kann ich tun?)

Get all the information you can on where to find help when you are experiencing domestic violence.  It is the grownups’ duty to protect you from harm. If they cannot or will not live up to their duty you should start taking action. We will show you where to find help.

We will also show you how who could help your parents.  No matter who is doing the hurting and who is being hurt: it is not your responsibility to protect parents from violence! You do not have to end the violence. But you can get help. We will show you where to find it.

How can I help? (Wie kann ich helfen?)

Or do you want to know how you can help others who are suffering from domestic violence? That can be hard to do. Maybe you are asking yourself: What can I do? What should I say?  We have prepared some suggestions for you.

How am I doing? (Wie geht es mir?)

Laughing, screaming:  being happy and sad at the same time – emotions can be fierce, overwhelming, confusing. Emotions are your reactions to all you go through but also to your own thoughts. Some people find talking about their feelings easy, some find it very difficult. You can learn how to handle your emotions such as anger without becoming violent yourself. It is not easy to argue in the right way. But it can be done. Just remember: violence is never okay!